Plan your trip and a visit around the South West to interact, meet and visit some amazing studios. MRROS is an adventure in art with more to explore than ever before. Our artists in residence Gary Hambleton (Ceramics) & Colin Pratt (Encaustic Art) would be demonstrating some of their finest skills for visitors with a selection of work for the event.

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Welcome to our Commonage Pottery & Gallery; a space where time stands still, amongst the mud bricks, hand made by Erl Happ and Anton Cheyney in the late 1970's. This is a place where a belief to nurture evolves through the land and spirit. Our pottery and gallery is located within the Happs Wines Cellar Door venue, just a quick drive up the hill from the beautiful seaside towns of Dunsborough and Yallingup in the Margaret River Region in the South West of Western Australia. Showcasing work from local artist from the region, you will also be able to buy pottery produced on site by resident artists. A potters paradise we showcase all styles of pottery by local South West & WA artists.

Commonage Pottery at Happs Wines

A beautiful unification of vision, courage & ethos. The bountiful textures & colours of nature surrounding Commonage Pottery & Gallery are a sensory delight. To walk through the passages, amongst the mud brick walls is perhaps a space where time has encapsulated a minds' dream & vision. Pulsating with artists interacting with customers and products handcrafted with passion, it’s a place where creativity oscillate between artwork by local artists & experiential workshops. We hope to see you enjoy this serene paradise with us sometime !

Pottery Wheel & Clay

One of the mosty abundant materials on the earth is clay. Primitive peoples found that this extremely plastic and responsive material which dried hard in the sun, could be used for making containers for storing their food as well as for making bricks for their buildings. In the pottery world today, work is performed on variable speed motorized wheel, the latest advancement in wheel development. Just as the wheel is the potters essential machine, so is clay, the essential material for throwing. Our pottery is made using all Australian clays & minerals.