Showcasing Hand thrown Wood fired pottery by Greg Crowe  

Curated by Japneet Keith  

Clean lines   I    multifunctional     I    woodfired   I  

Made in Australia  


The charm of Greg Crowes wood fired pottery lies in the soft and comfortable texture that is carefully shaped with modern lines and pleasant aesthetics. There is a distinct natural feel to his wares compared to that of gas fired stoneware pottery. The matte finish of the wood fired pottery, the organic touch that serves as a complement to food. Using traditional firing techniques with a combination of wood ash & salt ,  fire and clay materials, the outer texture of Gregpottery is a result of many years of development to bring out the very best of these raw natural resources. 


Greg Crowes pottery represents an essence of modern aesthetics that is defined by a combination of modern and traditional styles. Its primary appeal is not only in its form, but also its functional design for ease of serving foods, and its tactile texture. 

Greg Crowes wood fired pottery is an amalgamation of contemporary design while seamlessly melding together its traditional roots. It’s simple yet functional is perfect for either special occasions or for daily use. 


Greg Crowe masters both multifunctionality and practicality. Many of the products are versatile in function such as the jugs, which can also be used as vases or utensil holdersThe shapes and sizes of all bowls, vases and accessories are individual in form and functionality. The bowls can be used for serving foods individually, as a set, as well as for both indoor or outdoor settings. 


" I have always loved throwing on the pottery wheel, it was really the "hook" that got me interested in pottery and has always remained so. I love all aspects of throwing but bowls in all their shapes, sizes and purposes have endured as my favourite form. For the most part, smaller functional bowls, are relaxing and meditative to throw. When the circumstances are right, when everything is going right, I feel they almost seem to throw themselves. 

I never cease to get bored with the journey from the base to the rim, the line, profile or elevation, call it what you will. The suspension in space, defying gravity, wheel not too fast. With the expanded and textured bowls, it is completely different, but somewhat the same, the process breaks most rules of throwing. For me the form must still be correct or right but it is far more about exploring the surface, the possibilities of the expansion / throwing of the bowl on the exterior surface. What the throwing process will lead to on the exterior surface, it is not an added surface but a result of the process of throwing." 

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