Noongar people are the traditional Aboriginal people from the Southwest of Western Australia and Noongar country 'boodja' covers an area from Jurien Bay through to Esperance.

The Noongar Seasons have always been a-part of Aboriginal life and like time itself, the Six Noongar Seasons represent a predictable timetable of foreseeable events. Acknowledgement that nothing is unconnected and each change is being influenced by the last.

Animals, insects and Noongar people have always relied on this process, moving across the land directed by the weather and location of available foods. Plants flower at the same times of year, bearing fruit and reproducing according to this endless cycle.

Recognising this beautiful connection and understanding the synchronicity of all these events that happen simultaneously gives us the knowledge to know what to do and when it needs to happen. Each small change is in direct response to another and this symbolic interconnection is essential to maintain the eco cycle we all depend on for life.

Clouds, thunder and lightening dance across the sky during the Seasons of Makuru and in the beginning of Djilba. The Makuru season is now at the peak of the rain and the cold weather. Due to the reliability of the water supply Noongar people moved to inland hunting area's. The black swan is a reliable food source as this is the time when they are unable to fly due to moulting.

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