Reduction Fired Pottery

The minerals & materials used for glaze development are commonly used for all firing techniques. It is how a potter chooses to fire his/her work that gradually helps them develop the style of firing.

Western Australia is known for its mineral wealth and along with that comes the vibrancy of colour for ceramic artist. Minerals like Rutile, Titanium, Copper & Iron are used to achieve the vibrant reduction glaze effects.

Interestingly, reduction glazes are fired in carbon atmosphere firings, where the kiln is starved of oxygen using venturi burners and adjusting the flu. The fuel burns using the oxygen molecule available in glaze minerals and clay, thus creating Copper Reds with Copper Oxide, Chuns Blues with Iron and deep speckled Blue using Rutile.

Gary Hambleton, our resident potter specializes in reduction firings. A prolific potter, his work is vibrant and a specimen to years of practice and discipline. Gary also teaches, how to develop reduction glaze palette and has successfully been conducting workshop in Australia & India.