Susan Hood

Sue has been settled in the Southwest for many years and has worked as Artist in Residence at Happs Estate Gallery/Studio for around 10 years alongside other artists and potters. Susan paints with Acrylic and Oil or a combination of both.

Her passion to try and save and rehabilitate injured birds is still evident and most of the “patients” end up as being subjects for her paintings as well as the environment they inhabit.


Sue was born in Melbourne and spent her young life on the suburban fringe surrounded by paddocks, creeks and wild secret places. She was an adventurous, inquisitive child who loved creating Art from an early age.

Her love of birds started early with the old style large suburban block being full of rescued chickens from her uncle’s poultry farm, ducks, cockatoos, budgerigars and a pigeon flock that provided pocket money buy being sold only to return a few weeks later.

When she was 21, the wild places called once again, and she spent many years travelling and living in the remote regions of the Australian outback surrounded by spectacular country and native wildlife serving as inspiration for her paintings.